Basic Attention Token (BAT) News – Basic Attention Token (BAT) facing challenges

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Many investors are looking for Altcoins which can gain them a significant amount of return. When researching such Altcoins, you will often come across the recommendation for Basic Attention Token (BAT). When you’re looking to invest in these, it is important to research the fundamentals of the Altcoin. Once you research the fundamental of the Altcoin, it is easy to make the buying decision. Basic Attention Token (BAT) has been facing isolated rallies. However, many of them have been sold into as well. We will today highlight some of the challenges which Basic Attention Token (BAT) is facing.

Basic Attention Token (BAT) facing challenges:

Before we go into the fundamentals of Basic Attention Token (BAT), it is important to understand what it is exactly trying to accomplish. Basic Attention Token (BAT) is the cryptocurrency which is being inculcated in the brave browser. The promise of the Brave browser is that it will display ads when use these browsers. The users will gain incentives for viewing ads. The content publishers will also be incentivised for using ads. Currently, the online advertising model is such that only the bigger companies take the lion’s share of the advertising pie. When you pay Google, Facebook, they do not share the advertising revenue. If they publish ads on other platforms, they share only two third of the revenue with other platforms. In all of these, the visitor or the consumer is nowhere. Brave browser promises to change all of that. It will incentivise the content publishers as well as the visitors to facilitate the display of ads.

Due to the unique premise, many of the users are ready to use the brave browser. The problem is that it is not fully ready yet. We will now look into the 3 problems which Basic Attention Token (BAT) is currently facing.

Midway through execution:

Basic Attention Token (BAT) has not been inculcated with the brave browser. As a result, the users are not able to monetize their experience. The content publishers are not able to gain any revenue as well. It is expected that in the current year, that is 2019, there might be inculcation of the cryptocurrency with the brave browser. Up until that point in time, the price of Basic Attention Token (BAT) might just be volatile without much of fundamental improvements.

Slow progress:

When you look at the recent fundamental announcements, you will realize that the pace of progress is slowing. The problem is that if the cryptocurrency is not inculcated into the brave browser, the fundamentals will be almost non-existent. In such a case, it will be open to manipulation. Owing to this very reason, up until that point in time, there is no sense in investing in Basic Attention Token (BAT). You have to likely wait for the announcement when the developers finally inculcate it with the browser. The problem is, with slowing fundamentals, we are looking at end of this year rather than the 1st half of 2019.

Adoption challenges:

One of the main challenges will start after Basic Attention Token (BAT) has been inculcated into the brave browser. The problem is that it will not be that easy to gain users for the brave browser. Even though, they will have the incentive to use the brave browser but the company needs to capture a significant portion of the market share. Only when it is able to capture is a significant portion of the market share, it can go ahead and make a dent in the browser market. Once that happens, the value of the Basic Attention Token (BAT) will start to increase exponentially. If the traction is limited, in the longer term Basic Attention Token (BAT) will not increase significantly.

Thus, if you’re thinking of investing in Basic Attention Token (BAT), it is important to look at few problems which it is facing. Only once it has been able to iron out these few problems, you can think about investing.

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