Bitcoin (BTC) News – Will institutional investors propel Bitcoin (BTC) to $25,000?; Tom Lee thinks so

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Many experts, as well as cryptocurrency enthusiasts widely, anticipate that the participation by institutional investors will propel Bitcoin (BTC) higher. However, when that will happen remains a mystery. The chorus is growing stronger that sooner than later, the institutional investors will participate in Bitcoin (BTC) as well as the cryptocurrency rally.

Tom Lee thinks that the participation of institutional investors will propel Bitcoin (BTC) higher:

Tom Lee, the co-founder of Fundstrat, is of the opinion that one of the main reasons why Bitcoin (BTC) can head higher from these levels is because of the institutional investors. Sooner than later, institutional investors will start investing in Bitcoin (BTC) for the fear of missing out. According to him, this will be one of the main reasons why investors will think about investing in Bitcoin (BTC) this time around.

Also, he further stated that the 2nd reason why the institutional investors will start investing is because of the improving infrastructure in the cryptocurrency sector. Due to this very reason, the institutional investors will surely think about investing.

It is widely believed that once the institutional investorsĀ  start investing in Bitcoin (BTC), the volumes which will be generated in the cryptocurrency will be so high that it will propel Bitcoin (BTC) to newer highs. If that happens, Bitcoin (BTC) will increase multifold from these levels.

That is why it remains to be seen whether the institutional investors are starting to participate in the cryptocurrency industry soon enough or not.

According to him, the price target for Bitcoin (BTC) is around $ 25,000. This is approximately 4 times from the current level. If that happens, broad-based rally in most of the cryptocurrencies will also be witnessed. This will ensure that investors are able to invest money in the cryptocurrency sector. Sure enough, it will move in cycles like it has moved in the past couple of years but still, the value of the cryptocurrencies will increase significantly from these levels.

Tom Lee has been bullish on cryptocurrencies for a better part of this year as well as last year. Therefore, it does not come as surprise that he thinks that the cryptocurrencies will actually rise significantly from these levels. It remains to be seen whether that actually happens or the cryptocurrencies are stagnate around these levels. One thing which is for sure is that if the institutional investors start participating in the cryptocurrency rally, it will surely propel the cryptocurrency higher.

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