Blockchain News – IBM joins the decentralized Yellow Pages initiative

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It seems like IBM is pretty serious about its blockchain initiators. Recently, it announced that it will be joining the Yellow Pages which will be based on the blockchain technology. The announcement came on September 13.

About the initiative:

The name of the initiative is Unbounded Registry. HACERA is the name of the blockchain-based start-up which is handling the registry. The aim of the registry is to create the decentralized registry. It will not only list the blockchain-based businesses but also cataloged their names as well. It will gather more information about this blockchain-based initiative and also verify their existence as well. Thus, with the help of a single registry, it will be easier for you to find out about the various blockchain-based solutions as well.

A single project will cover many different niches on the blockchain field. It will also take into account the type of blockchain applications and the networks which are built by various companies as well. It will categorize them according to the services which are offered by them. As a result, it will become easier for you to just to check the registry and ensure that you are able to get the details about the various blockchain-based projects.

Other cryptocurrency initiatives by IBM:
IBM is not solely targeting this blockchain-based initiative. Along with Stellar lumens (XLM), it is developing a cross-border payments solution as well. Thus, it will be able to pitch these 2 most of its clients in the banking and finance industry which will help it gain traction pretty fast enough as well. This is one more evidence that IBM is venturing out into the blockchain field.

Moreover, it is also working with different companies like Maersk to create a blockchain-based platform which will help the company track its entire supply chain as well. Eventually, it plans to open up the solutions to other companies who want to track their supply chain as well.

It seems like IBM is pretty serious about the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. It is opting for newer and newer ventures to develop solutions based on the blockchain technology. If indeed, it is able to execute some of these solutions and bring them to the market, it will certainly have an edge over the other companies which are working on the blockchain field.

It remains to be seen what other initiatives are undertaken by IBM and tie-up with the start-ups as well as companies in order to develop better solutions for its clientele. It certainly seems that IBM is at the forefront of the blockchain and cryptocurrency revolution which will take it even technologically more further.

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