31 Blockchain stocks – Top Blockchain stocks to keep on your radar

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Blockchain technology is slowly but steadily becoming more popular than cryptocurrencies. The versatility of blockchain technology is what is propelling it forward. All over the world, governments and businesses are tapping into the potential of this lesser-known technology to develop credible and practical solutions in their respective fields.

Corporates all over the world are using features of blockchain technology like transparency, security, faster speed to develop credible solutions. With the unique advantages of blockchain technology, investors are looking to explore this opportunity. That is why; many investors are looking for the best blockchain stocks to buy. Similarly, even retail investors are searching for how to invest in blockchain stocks. With so many corporates exploring blockchain technology, it is not easy to prepare a list.

We will today, however, share with you not 1 or 2 but 31 blockchain stocks which you can keep on your radar.

1. IBM:

The company on top of our list is a marquee name. It is not just an unknown name but has more than 100 years of history behind it. The inception year of the company is 1911. Ever since then, it has consistently ventured into new fields and revolutionized the world with many inventions. In recent times, it has not just ventured in blockchain technology but various others like AI, cloud computing, IOT. Hence; it is one of the essential blockchain stocks which you should keep on your radar.

The multibillion-dollar company has a team of over 1500 experts to develop its blockchain solutions. It is rumored to be working on 500 blockchain projects. IBM already offers blockchain as a service platform. It has integrated it with IBM Cloud to develop blockchain solutions seamlessly.

Some of the latest announcements about blockchain projects which it has made are developing an IBM food trust platform with Walmart. It aims to track the entire food supply chain to minimize wastage and streamline the logistics. Similarly, it is involved in a platform which goes by the name of we.trade. It is a trading platform based on blockchain technology. Another one of its ventures is CLSNet which is a blockchain-based payment provider. It already launched in 2018. These are just some of the examples of its enterprises.

With many ventures and a strong expert team backing it, it is the most reliable name currently in the blockchain industry. With its long history of precise execution, you cannot take the risk of not keeping this stock on your radar.

2. Alibaba Group:

Alibaba is racing ahead on the blockchain field. In the year 2018 alone, it has filed over 90 patents related to blockchain technology. When you compare it with other companies like IBM, they are pretty close at around 89 patents. Up until now, Alibaba has succeeded in developing blockchain solutions for streamlining their business processes. It indicates that it can execute its blockchain projects efficiently.

Lynx International is a subsidiary of Alibaba which has successfully executed a blockchain project to streamline the logistics of the group. Similarly, T-mall is trying to cater to the food industry to avoid counterfeiting and adulteration with the help of blockchain solutions. Alibaba is working closely with the Chinese government. The Chinese government is attempting to introduce blockchain technology in the healthcare industry. On the other hand, Ant Financial is the payment company of Alibaba. It is already using blockchain technology to provide remittances services to its customers. Till recently, it was providing these remittances services only in Hong Kong.

After successfully executing various blockchain projects, Alibaba group is trying to take its blockchain success global. It is developing blockchain as a service. It is already offering it globally to many companies. It indicates that Alibaba is not just developing blockchain products for its use. It is doing so to provide such products to various other companies commercially. If it can tap into this market successfully, it will be the next growth trigger for Alibaba.

It is one of the main reasons why you should not ignore Alibaba when looking for blockchain stocks to buy. It is one of the top blockchain stocks in which you can invest. Considering the size and magnitude of the group, you can be sure that it is relatively safer as compared to some of the other companies on this list.

3. Microsoft Corp:

When you are investing based on new technology, it is better to invest in a large Company. A few large Companies are working in the blockchain space as well. One of them is Microsoft Corp. Since it is the old school stock, there is more security in investing in Microsoft Corp. as compared to other lesser known names in the blockchain industry.

Microsoft is creating the azure blockchain. It is integrating itself with the NASDAQ, AT&T and other companies. The goodwill of Microsoft will help it launch its blockchain products at a rapid pace. It will be easier for Microsoft to find clients for its blockchain products.

Microsoft Corp. like IBM is also pretty working on many blockchain applications. However, the direction of both of them is different. IBM believes in proper independence of the blockchain framework. It heavily relies on a hyper-ledger to achieve decentralization and build it’s various blockchain products. On the other hand, Microsoft Azure works on the blockchain of Ethereum. However, it is isolated from the decisions of the Ethereum foundation. As a result, it has complete freedom to build its products.

Apart from Azure Microsoft is integrating blockchain with the Xbox platform. It will offer royalty and content rights to various stakeholders. Ernst & Young is working with Microsoft on this project. The blockchain framework will aim to create proper contracts and agree on business terms with the publishers. That is why; Microsoft will be able to digitally connect with various publishers who will help it expand its reach.

Microsoft is also supporting blockchain-based identity system to combat the lack of identity documentation globally. It is working with Accenture and Avanade to achieve this goal.

Thus, when you look at the blockchain projects of Microsoft, there are quite a few. That is why it is essential to keep Microsoft Corp. on your radar when looking to invest in blockchain stocks.

4. Oracle Corp:

Oracle offers blockchain as a service. It uses proof of concept algorithm. Oracle already provides financial services to a whole host of companies. That is why; it will be able to easily integrate its blockchain solutions with its existing products and find a wide variety of customers. With the blockchain service already on offer, it is gaining recognition in the blockchain industry. It is already offering blockchain cloud service which provides integration for a wide variety of solutions like:

• Data Management
• Mobile integration
• Application development
• SAAS solutions
• Storage solutions

Oracle is also using the hyper- ledger to develop its blockchain solutions. It ensures that all of them will be decentralized. Due to this very reason, there will be adequate scalability. It is another corporation which you cannot ignore if you’re looking for blockchain stocks to buy.

5. Red Hat:

Red Hat traditionally is a technology company which offers open source software solutions. It works with corporate clients. The company headquarters are in North Carolina. Red Hat is one of the many founding members of the hyper- ledger project. The rich history of the company in the blockchain space makes it suitable for investment.

Ever since then, it has developed the blockchain solution geared towards enterprises. The name of the platform is OpenShift Blockchain. The platform facilitates corporate clients to build their blockchain applications without creating the entire infrastructure from scratch. If you’re looking for a blockchain stock which caters to corporates, you can certainly keep this company on your radar.

6. VMWare:

VMWare is working on Project Concord. The project aims to create an open series of blockchain infrastructure. It will work in the energy field to provide not only scalable solutions but energy-efficient ones as well. The company is working on the modification of Byzantine Fault Tolerance. The amendment is underway so that it can provide proper scalability solutions to its customers. It is already offering a platform which will allow consumers to test their blockchain applications. It provides a testing environment on the platform.

At the same time, its traditional businesses are doing well as well. It will be able to gain advantage from the growing popularity of blockchain. Since the other verticals of the company are ready for growth, it can be a good bet in the longer term.

7. SalesForce.com:

SalesForce.com has not launched its blockchain products yet. It aims to do so quite soon. It plans on starting not just blockchain solutions but also cryptocurrency solutions. The company has tied up with Dapps.ai. This tie-up aims to provide a blockchain platform which will help other businesses incorporate blockchain technology into their systems and also develop various applications according to the requirement. The platform will offer different blockchain technologies to the clients. These include Bitcoin blockchain, Ethereum blockchain, and hyper- ledger.

SalesForce.com is gaining more market share in the cloud space. Once it can integrate this platform with its cloud service, not only it’s market share will improve but so will its margin. That is why it is not trying to diversify from its CRM business and step into the blockchain world. Since; it is in the early stages, the gestation period might extend. However, it is a stock which you should not ignore.

8. Nasdaq:

Nasdaq is not just a stock exchange but also a publicly traded financial services company. It pioneers the finance space using blockchain technology. It is at the forefront of the adoption of blockchain technology. In the year 2015, it launched a private share market which goes by the name of Linq. The platform is entirely blockchain powered. As an exchange, it continues to explore the blockchain technology to make the platform more robust and secure.

The aim of the exchange in using blockchain technology is to better its platform. It is consistently exploring the blockchain technology for a variety of different applications. That is why; it is an excellent stock to consider when looking for blockchain stocks to buy. While it might not offer its financial blockchain products to others but; it is at the forefront of adopting the blockchain technology in its exchange to grow its business. Hence; it is an option which you should not ignore.

9. BTL Group:

BTL group trades on the Toronto stock exchange. It provides blockchain solutions for incorporates. If you do not mind investing in small-cap stocks, this is a blockchain stock which you should keep in mind. The blockchain platform of the company goes by the name of Interbit blockchain. This platform aims to provide developers with an environment to create blockchain applications. The platform facilitates scalable applications which make it easier for the developers to not only create such applications but also bring them to life. The enterprise capabilities of the platform ensure that the developers can develop scalable applications and procure clients to use them.

10. Leonovus:

The legacy business of Leonovus is to provide cloud hosting solutions to corporate clients. Recently, however, it has developed a blockchain-based platform. It also offers security software to corporate clients. While there is immense competition in these verticals but it has recently tied up with one of the top 6 Canadian banks. The banks will be using its blockchain-based platform for data storage solutions. It indicates that the platform has potential. While it might get listed on the Toronto stock exchange but the fact that it is ahead of others when it comes to blockchain technology is good news. When you combine it with the fact that it has already filed over 40 patents, a bulk of them are in the blockchain field; it makes it a blockchain company which you should not miss. However, it is advisable to conduct their due diligence as it is a small cap company and can be pretty volatile.

11. Novatti:

Novatti came into existence in 1996. It used to provide payment solutions to companies. It has various services like loyalty points, bill payments, electronic voucher services, and mobile payments. It is now integrating multiple services with blockchain technology. It also plans to incorporate cryptocurrencies into its services. Currently, payments and remittances services offer Fiat currencies. Over a while, it intends to provide its users the option to use either Fiat currency or Bitcoin. When that happens, surely its services will gain more traction. Their pro-activeness in integrating blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions in their services is what makes them so attractive. Novatti trades on the Australian Stock Exchange. It can be volatile and therefore, you should be careful while investing in this company.

12. Overstock:

Overstock is a well-known name in the e-commerce industry. It was also one of the first companies to start accepting Bitcoins for its e-commerce store. Recently, it announced that it would be selling off its traditional business and focusing on the blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions. If it happens, it will become an exclusively blockchain and cryptocurrency company. When that happens, it will be one of the very few listed companies in the space. It is investing in various other blockchain companies through the subsidiary Medici Ventures. It aims to launch a platform by the name of tZero. The platform will facilitate securities trading but in the token form. The offering of the platform surely seems to be attractive. Keeping its history in mind and its thrust on blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions, you should take a look at this company.

13. RIOT blockchain:

RIOT blockchain is a company on the NASDAQ stock exchange which offers you a pure cryptocurrency play. It is among the few listed cryptocurrency companies. Hence, in recent times it has been able to gain a lot of traction. It is consistently acquiring different companies in the blockchain space. It offers solutions across the entire blockchain Ecosystem like:

• The veranet platform which helps cryptocurrency investors in financial reporting. It provides accounting tools for the cryptocurrency community in this platform.
• Tesspay which is an escrow settlement service using blockchain technology
• Canadian cryptocurrency exchange

Thus, when looking for a company which operates in multiple verticals of the blockchain in cryptocurrency space, you can certainly look at this one. While it might be in the early stages of integrating all these services but it is undoubtedly an exciting play.

14. Square:

Square offers payment services to consumers. The USP of Square is to provide them at a lower transactional cost. Owing to the competitive rates, they have gained a significant amount of customers already. The interface is simple which helps them get consumers. Currently, they are exploring the integration of blockchain technology with their existing solutions. They have been accepting Bitcoin payments since 2014. In a way, they have been at the forefront of the cryptocurrency revolution.

While they might not be in your blockchain space but the integration of blockchain technology with their financial solutions makes them lucrative. You can buy the stock on NYSE. Since; they are growing fast, it is a stock which you cannot ignore.

15. Marathon Patent Group:

Marathon Patent Group is one of the first cryptocurrency companies to get listed on NASDAQ. It has mining facilities in the Canadian province of Québec. It is not solely into the cryptocurrency industry. It owns IP licensing and IP acquisition businesses. The revenue in the year 2018 for the group was $ 1.6 million. It reported an increase of 200% on a year-on-year basis. However, the company is still in a loss in that is why it is a long-term bet. As always, since it is a small cap stock, it is a good idea to conduct your due diligence before investing in this blockchain.

16. AnalytixInsight:

AnalytixInsight is a research company which analyses various company filings in price data to convert them into proper analysis report. Their clients include investors, finance portals and media outlets. In the year 2017, they stated that they would be adding blockchain to their current platform to make it more efficient. The company stock trades in the OTCQB segment. While it might not be up your blockchain play but since they are integrating blockchain technology with their traditional platform, they might reap dividends from its use in the future. The company is using two of the most lucrative technologies which are big data and blockchain. Hence; you should shortlist this stock.

17. Internet of Things Inc:

As the name speaks, this company is working in the IoT field and integrating it with blockchain. It is using smart contracts and management capabilities of blockchain technology to create a proper supply chain and maintain it. It is working in the business process management and manufacturing industry. With iota gaining more and more momentum, the company can undoubtedly hog the limelight in the future.

18. Neptune Dash Technologies Corp:

Neptune Dash Technologies Corp is closely related to the Dash network. It builds and operates the master nodes of the system. While it is already working in the blockchain field, but the overreliance on a single type of blockchain can prove to be risky. That is why; if you’re investing in the stock, do make sure to take this risk into account before investing. However, it is one of the very few companies which is directly associated with blockchain.

19. GMP Capital:

GMP Capital acquired Hut 8 Mining Corp. The acquired company was a Bitcoin miner. The parent company has partnered with BitFury Group to acquire data centers which mine Bitcoin in North America. While it might have significant exposure to cryptocurrencies but with the prices of cryptocurrencies down from their peaks, the company will take time to become profitable. It is a pure cryptocurrency mining play, but it can be risky in the current downturn.

20. Mogo Finance Technology:

Mogo Finance Technology is a company working in the Fintech space. They are trying to integrate blockchain and other cryptocurrencies with the digital accounts which they offer to their customers. The company also plans on adding more blockchain-based products to its current offerings. If looking for a Fintech company which has exposure to cryptocurrencies as well, you can certainly consider this option.

21. Victory Square Technologies:

Victory Square Technologies is a company which is akin to a venture capital company. It not only helps in the incubation of various companies in emerging fields but funds them to accelerate the growth. It is currently working with multiple companies in the AI, VR, AR, and blockchain field. However, since the company invests in new companies which do not have much history, it can be a risky proposition. There is a positive side to this stock. You will be investing in newer technologies rather than just having a partial blockchain investment.

22. BTCS:

BTCS has been in the blockchain space since 2016. It offers Bitcoin escrow services. It invests in cryptocurrency mining fields. Moreover, they provide various blockchain software for sale. They are also diversifying into other blockchains which will make them even safer. If you’re looking for a company with some history in the blockchain industry, you can consider this option.

23. Datametrex:

Datametrex is a nanocap Company. They are exploring the field of big data. They are collecting information from points of sale. The company stores this information on the cloud. The company aims to create a system using blockchain which will authenticate and validate the data. If that happens, it can easily facilitate the commercial use of the data. There will be a lot of companies interested in such validated data. However, it is in the initial stages of its operation and hence; it is advisable to wait instead of investing in the stock at this stage. Once the execution strategy is in place after that only you can think about investing in this company.

24. DigitalX:

DigitalX is a company which has been on the blockchain industry for more than four years now. It is present in many verticals like ICO and blockchain advisory services, development of blockchain software. The best thing about the company is, it already has secured funding. On its ventures, it is generating revenue as well. It means that it is doing the right thing already. They also provide consulting services to various cryptocurrency exchanges. They have a large holding of Bitcoin and Ether coins. Hence; the value of the company is higher than what it appears. One of the main USP of the company is that it is a cryptocurrency and blockchain play which is a definite advantage.

25. MGT Capital Investments Inc.:

MGT Capital Investments Inc. is in the segment of acquiring and monetizing assets online. It operates in mobile gaming and the online gaming space. It has a gaming and IP business related to this segment. In recent times, it announced that it would venture into the cryptocurrency mining field. However, with the prices of most of the cryptocurrencies moving downwards, it can take time before it shows any profit from this segment. Moreover, since it has a diversified play, not all the revenue will be focused on cryptocurrency mining. If you’re searching for a company to invest which is in the online and the cryptocurrency space, you can consider this option.

26. Glance Technologies:

Glance Technologies is a mobile payments company. It has recently developed an app which will help you pay restaurant bills, store bills and get rewards in return. You can even use the bookkeeping services of the app to keep track of your expenses. The company also revealed LOI recently which clearly stated that it is going to enter into the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. The aim is to tokenize the rewards program. If indeed, it can do so, it will be one of the very few companies with their reward program on the blockchain. It can accelerate the growth of their mobile payments app as well.

27. Hitachi:

Hitachi is a Japanese company which stands in many different verticals. The company’s market cap is over $ 30 billion. It has quite a few blockchain projects on which it is working. It has tied up with Mizuho. This tie-up aims to build a decentralized platform. The platform will facilitate efficient supply chain management. Moreover, it works on a detailed-payments platform with biometric identification. The company is more than 108 years old and also has stood the test of time. Hence; it can certainly benefit from its blockchain ventures. If you’re looking for a large Company venturing into the blockchain industry, it is a good option.

28. Daimler AG:

Daimler AG is a car manufacturer which has many reputed brands like Mercedes-Benz. It is one of the very few automakers which is venturing into the blockchain field. It uses AI technology to make its cars better. It aims to use the latest technologies to become a global leader in the automobile industry.

It has a blockchain bond which it launched in the year 2017. Additionally, it started a cryptocurrency by the name of MobiCoin. These initiatives by the company coupled with the use of blockchain technology in the integral Systems make it a great choice when looking for stocks of companies venturing into the blockchain field.

29. Bank of America:

If you believe that blockchain is the future, you cannot ignore the bank of America stock. It has already filed for various blockchain related patents. One such patent was to store a private key to authenticate the data. The patent was filed in the year 2014 itself. So, it has been at the forefront of the blockchain revolution. It is one of the old companies to adopt blockchain technology along with IBM.

When you look at the number of patents filed by it in the blockchain space, it even exceeds IBM. Due to this very reason, if you’re looking to invest in a large-cap company betting big on the blockchain, you should go with Bank of America.

30. HIVE blockchain:

HIVE blockchain in the past few years has acquired mining centers from another company which goes by the name of Genesis mining. Genesis mining is the largest cloud-based cryptocurrency mining company globally. So; these acquisitions by HIVE blockchain are pretty significant. It seems like they have acquired only the lucrative mining operations from the company. However, one thing which you have to keep in mind is that with the cryptocurrency prices in the doldrums, it might take some time for HIVE blockchain to break even. It is currently listed on the Canadian venture exchange. You need to understand that if you’re looking to play in the cryptocurrency mining space, it is one of the best bets.

31. Walmart:

Walmart is betting on distributed ledger technology. It has filed for various patents in the field. It is trying to create an efficient supply chain management system with the help of blockchain technology. It has tied up with IBM for the same. It is trying to minimize the food wastage and the wastage of perishable items using this blockchain-based solution. Owing to this very reason, it is investing heavily in developing this supply chain management solution. With the market cap of over $ 200 billion, it is another large cap which you should keep on your radar when looking for blockchain stocks to buy.

Instead of just picking from one or two stocks, you can go through our list of 31 stocks above. It will provide you with plenty of choices when it comes to investing in blockchain stocks. You need to conduct your due diligence on these blockchain stocks, and you will be good to go. We will answer some of the FAQs which you might have when it comes to blockchain stocks.


Which companies are using Blockchain?

There are many different companies using blockchain technology currently. Some of the well-known names include Bank of America, Walmart, IBM among others. You can go through our list of 31 blockchain stocks above to find more about such companies.

What is a Blockchain economy?

Blockchain economy refers to an environment in which B2B transactions are possible. They can be of cryptocurrencies, Fiat currency or even information. It is entirely decentralized and encrypted, and that is why it is highly secure.

What is Blockchain as a service?

Blockchain as a service refers to a platform which the vendor provides to its clients. The blockchain infrastructure is ready to use. The client can then build their applications without starting from scratch. It helps them save time and work in an agile environment which provides proper scalability. It is similar to cloud hosting solutions offered by the various vendors these days.

What are the Blockchain applications?

The applications of blockchain can be plenty. It can be to transact cryptocurrencies or Fiat currency or exchange information. It can also be the verification of digital documents. The blockchain technology has various applications.

So, if you’re wondering how to invest in blockchain stocks or have been searching for the best blockchain stocks, the list of 31 top blockchain stocks above will undoubtedly help you out. We have carefully curated this list to include the best stocks. With proper risk management and due diligence, you can easily make your own investment decision.

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