Cardano (ADA) News – Why should you keep Cardano (ADA) on your radar?

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The year 2018 has been pretty disastrous for cryptocurrencies. Cardano (ADA) has also fallen significantly. At the start of the year, it was trading around $ .71. Currently, it is trading around $ .04. In such a case, most of the traders are actually ignoring Cardano (ADA). In spite of that, it is a good idea to keep Cardano (ADA) on your radar.

Why should you keep Cardano (ADA) on your radar?

Currently, Cardano (ADA) is trading around $ 0.0472. Today as well, it is trading higher by 10.66%. On the other hand, when you look at the volumes, those are also around $ 50 million. Thus, the volumes are surging as well. Cardano (ADA) developers do not create a lot of hype. They believe in developing the fundamentals of the cryptocurrency.

The creator of Cardano (ADA) is Charles Hoskinson. Hoskinson has been the development team of plenty of cryptocurrencies. That is why; he has a significant amount of experience in launching cryptocurrencies as well as closing the loopholes. Owing to this very reason, the development team headed by him was quick to close any loopholes and develop the blockchain on a consistent basis. This is one of the main reasons why you should think about investing in Cardano (ADA).

On the other hand, it has launched quite a few new products as well. Most of them revolve around solving the scalability issues of Cardano (ADA) blockchain. It aims to provide financial services to the unbanked customers. Similarly, it is introducing parallel chains as well. With the help of parallel chains, more transactions can be easily handled by the blockchain. It has also introduced sharding. Once these features go mainstream in the Cardano (ADA) blockchain, Cardano (ADA) will surge significantly.

Also, it is on the list of potential candidates to be listed on Coinbase. When it finally gets listed on Coinbase, the cryptocurrency can surge significantly. This is another trigger which is pending.

Thirdly, it has fallen significantly from the yearly high. Thus, at least some kind of bounce back will be witnessed. This will ensure that if you buy around the lower levels, you will be able to reap some good profits from Cardano (ADA). In the shorter term, Cardano (ADA) can be volatile but in the longer term, it can rise as well.

Thus, when you’re looking at Cardano (ADA), it is important to keep these few reasons in mind. In spite of the huge fall, it is not wise to ignore Cardano (ADA) around these levels.

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