Cardano (ADA) News – Will the recent developments in Cardano (ADA) help it rise?

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In the past 48 hours, there has been significant number of developments in Cardano (ADA). Most of these fundamental developments are pretty positive for Cardano (ADA). The question which arises is whether the investors of Cardano (ADA) will be benefited from these fundamental developments in the longer term or not.

Will the recent developments in Cardano (ADA) help it rise?

Before we go into the conclusion, let us 1st look at the recent fundamental developments which have occurred in Cardano. Once you take a look at these developments, you will be able to gauge for yourself whether it can help Cardano (ADA) in the longer term or not.

Smart contract language for Cardano (ADA) blockchain:

Ethereum (ETH) is the most famous cryptocurrency offering smart contracts. The language which is used for smart contracts is Solidity. This helps the developers easily program the smart contracts. Recently, Cardano (ADA) has also launched a language for development of smart contracts on its blockchain. Plutus Platform is the name of the smart contract language which can be used by the developers in order to program the smart contracts. It will allow them to create decentralized applications as well. This will ensure that the developers are able to easily use the language to their advantage.

Launch of Marlowe:

The problem is that the programming language can only help to those who know programming. However, blockchain is aimed to attract even users with little to no knowledge of programming. That is why, this next tool which is launched by Cardano (ADA) is so vital.

The tool goes by the name of Marlowe. It will allow the users with little to no knowledge of coding to create financial smart contracts. This will ensure that anyone can create the financial smart contracts without any problem at all. This is a boon for the Fintech as well as the financial services industry.

Cryptocurrency card:

In a recent development, Cardano (ADA) launched a cryptocurrency card as well. It will allow the users to spend Cardano (ADA) directly at over 33,000 locations in South Korea. Thus, users will be able to directly use their Cardano (ADA) holdings. This is a huge step towards allowing users to spend their Cardano (ADA) directly without having to convert the cryptocurrency into Fiat currency.

These 3 developments in Cardano (ADA) surely have a lot of potential. However, only when these developments are followed up by proper traction, can Cardano (ADA) holders really benefit from it. Otherwise, these will be mere announcements in the longer term which will not help the investors.

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