Crypto News – Among Ripple and Stellar Lumens which one is rallying harder

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The recent cryptocurrency rally was unexpected for many. Many of the top cryptocurrencies have moved significantly higher as well. Two such cryptocurrencies were late to join the party. Both of them have a similar business model. Ripple (XRP) and Stellar lumens (XLM) are trying to gain more market share in the cross-border remittances market. Both of the cryptocurrencies were a bit late to join the cryptocurrency rally. However, they have now not only joined the cryptocurrency rally but are providing quite significant returns in the last 7 days.

Among Ripple and Stellar Lumens which one is rallying harder:

In the past 7 days, Ripple (XRP) has moved from $ 0.3184 to the current levels of $ 0.40. The appreciation is 25% in a matter of just 7 days. In the interim, it went all the way up to $ .47 as well. However, currently, it is around $ .40. When you look at the intraday performance of Ripple (XRP) today, it is trading up 3.8%. It clearly indicates that it is a positive bias. Similarly, in the last 7 days, the volumes have risen from $ 1.9 billion to $ 2.7 billion currently. It indicates that there is more interest in ripple (XRP).

When you compare that with Stellar lumens, you will realize that it is not much behind. 7 days back, it was trading around $ 0.10. Currently, it is trading around $ 0.137. In a matter of just 7 days, it has provided the return of 37%. In the interim, it went all the way to $ 0.15 as well. Thus,  it has provided 37% as compared to the ripple’s return of 25%. It is outperforming Ripple (XRP) in the shorter term. The volume has also increased from $ 335 million to around $ 532 million. The rally in Stellar lumens (XLM) has been on the back of higher volumes as well. It clearly indicates that the rally in Stellar lumens (XLM) might be here to stay as well.

Which cryptocurrency among these is a better bet?

The question which many of the investors and traders are asking is which cryptocurrency is a better bet between these 2 options. On the face of it, Stellar lumens (XLM) has provided a higher amount of return. It is outperforming Ripple (XRP) by a significant amount. However, it is essential to look at the fundamentals before making the decision. Currently, Ripple (XRP) is at the forefront to gain more market share. However, with the Stellar lumens blockchain being used by IBM to provide financial and banking products, it can get significant market share as well. That is over for a while away. It is one of the main reasons why irrespective of being outperformed, Ripple (XRP) still looks a good bet.

If you’re planning to trade in any one of these currencies on the long side, you should definitely not ignore ripple due to the short under-performance relative to Stellar lumens (XLM).

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