Cryptocurrency Mining News – Cryptojacking malware becoming more and more difficult to detect

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Cryptojacking is on the rise irrespective of the downfall of the cryptocurrencies. One of the cryptocurrencies which is quite popular when it comes to cryptojacking attempts is monero (XMR). The reason for this is that it is virtually anonymous. That is why, the hackers who attempt cryptojacking will never get caught. Earlier, most of the malwares which are widely used for cryptojacking were detected quite easily. However, the same cannot be said currently.

Cryptojacking malware becoming more and more difficult to detect:

KingMiner has been one of the most notorious Cryptojacking malware which has been used since a long period of time. The problem is that the earlier versions were detected quite easily. Later on, it has been evolving on a consistent basis. The newer and newer versions of the malware are being launched. The newer versions are quite difficult to detect.

Even after the fall of 91% in Monero (XMR), stackers are still are increasing the Cryptojacking attempts. This is because Cryptojacking is still very popular and it is still very profitable. Moreover, with KingMiner becoming more and more difficult to detect, the success rate is increasing on a consistent basis. This is further fuelling the rise in the Cryptojacking attacks. According to a cyber-security company by the name of Checkpoint , KingMiner is evolving at a rapid pace. This is significantly increasing the effectiveness of KingMiner.

KingMiner 1st came on the cryptocurrency jacking space in June 2018. There were 2 different versions which were deployed. Also the malware was able to employ various evasion techniques as well. This resulted in a reasonable success rate. However, soon enough most of the virus detectors as well as anti-malware companies were able to detect it.

Currently however, with each and every version, safety techniques which are used are even higher. This is making it very difficult for the anti-malware and anti-virus companies to detect this Cryptojacking attempt. As a result, many of the victims do not even know that there are machines being used for mining Monero (XMR). The onus of responsibility is back on the users to consistently monitor the performance of their machines. If there is any problem in the performance of their machines, it is a good idea to scan it.

There are a few programs which can pick up the traces of KingMiner as well. You have to just opt for the right antivirus program and you will be able to detect it. However, if you’re not concerned enough, it can use your machine for weeks together without your knowledge.

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