Cryptocurrency mining News – Is Cryptojacking malware evolving by itself?

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Cryptojacking malware is becoming more and more difficult to detect. The antivirus programs and the anti-malware programs all over the world are trying to update the footprints to detect the Cryptojacking malware continuously. It is increasingly becoming difficult to detect Cryptojacking malware.

Is Cryptojacking malware evolving by itself?

The Cryptojacking group which has been around for quite some period is “Rocke”. It has developed a malware which shuts down and uninstalls the security programs on the servers. It seems like it can detect the security programs and thereafter uninstall those programs. The problem is that with such a revolution, the difficulty in identifying the Cryptojacking programs goes to a whole new level.

The Cryptojacking malware can do so on Linux servers. Once the penetration of the Cryptojacking malware happens, it uninstalls the security programs, making it very difficult for the server owners to detect any kind of unusual activity. The problem is that it is doing so for a whole host of security programs. That is why the server owners need to be proactive to avoid such possibility.

The perils of Cryptojacking have reached a whole new stage. The program which we are speaking about now will kill any other previous Cryptojacking mining attempts which might be going on on the server. It will thereafter capture the computational power of the server for its use. If that server uses a legit way to mine cryptocurrencies, it will shut down those mining activities as well. It will dominate the entire computational power for the Cryptojacking attempt.

The malware uses a prelude trick to avoid the entire Cryptojacking malware from the system administrator. As a result, the origin of the Cryptojacking malware remains untraceable. It also makes the Cryptojacking malware virtually undetectable.

The evolution of the Cryptojacking malware is making it more and more dangerous. It is becoming virtually undetectable which means that it can run on a particular server for a long time without being deleted or detected. It is actually a big problem since it will not only slow down the server, but it can use the server to continue its spread onto other devices. The threat of Cryptojacking is now reaching a whole new level with the following features. With the program being able to detect various other programs and shut them down impromptu, it seems like the Cryptojacking malware consists of a self-evolution feature to identify and shut down the programs.

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