Cryptocurrency News – Best Cryptocurrency investment options for 2019

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Many investors expect at least some kind of respite in 2019 when it comes to cryptocurrency carnage. You need to however keep in mind that cryptocurrencies with strong fundamentals will be the 1st to recover. Most of the other Altcoins might not recover at all. This is the reason why it is important for you to choose the cryptocurrency investments carefully. We will today share with you 3 cryptocurrency options based on their fundamentals which you should look at for 2019. As always, there is considerable amount of risk involved in investing in cryptocurrencies. That is why, do make sure that you assess the risk before taking a call.

Best Cryptocurrency investment options for 2019:

1. Ripple (XRP):

If you want to choose a cryptocurrency which is consistently improving its fundamentals, Ripple (XRP) will be on that list. This does not mean that Ripple (XRP) cannot fall. In the year 2018 itself, it has fallen by more than 90%. Thus, it is risky to invest in ripple (XRP) as well. However, with the fundamentals improving, there can be at least some kind of bounce back.

It does not mean that Ripple can increase multifold in the year 2019. However, it can outperform the broader markets. With more and more RippleNet products gaining traction, 2019 can be the year when Ripple (XRP) outperforms on the higher side. Owing to this very reason, it is a good idea to keep Ripple (XRP) on your radar for the year 2019.

2. Bitcoin (BTC):

Bitcoin (BTC) is the pioneer cryptocurrency. In spite of the recent fall, it has dominance levels at 55%. Thus, if you’re expecting the cryptocurrency markets to recover, that can only happen when Bitcoin (BTC) recovers as well.

When you look at the quantum of fall in Bitcoin (BTC) in the past one year, it has fallen from $ 20,000-$ 3100. Thus, kind of bounce back might be overdue as well.

Even though, it might not provide you with multifold returns but it can certainly lead the market in terms of recovery. When you compare it with other asset classes like real estate, stocks, it can surely outperform. Being the most dominant cryptocurrency and the most popular one, it can actually bounce back swiftly. That is why, it is necessary to keep Bitcoin (BTC) on your radar for 2019.

3. Binance coin (BNB):

Binance coin (BNB) has managed to do isolate itself from the cryptocurrency downtrend. On a year-on-year basis, it is still up by 60%. The fortunes of Binance coin (BNB) are directly related to the Binance exchange. Any recovery in cryptocurrencies will increase the volumes of the cryptocurrency exchanges as well. Moreover, Binance exchange is releasing the decentralized exchanges as well.

Both of these measures can prove to pretty positive for the exchange. This will also mean that Binance coin (BNB) is able to rise further as well. That is why; you should keep a watch on Binance coin (BNB).

Thus, if you want to monitor few cryptocurrencies for the year 2019, it is important to keep these 3 on your radar. As always, you have to conduct your own due diligence as well before making any investment decision as the points which we have highlighted above are in the public domain and are more for educational purposes rather than an investment advice.

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