Cryptocurrency News – This cryptocurrency has surged by 40% today!

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Normally, when you speak about a cryptocurrency surging 40% in just 24 hours, you might expect that it will be a smaller coin. However, the cryptocurrency which we will talk about today has rendered 40th position when it comes to cryptocurrencies by market cap. Thus, it is not just another small cryptocurrency being manipulated. The market cap of this cryptocurrency is around $ 85 million.

This cryptocurrency has surged by 40% today!

The cryptocurrency which we are talking about today is Revain. It is increased by 40.81% today. It is currently trading around $ 0.1780. The current market cap is around $ 85 million. When you look at the 24-hour volumes of this cryptocurrency, they are around $ 2.36 million. Thus, it has managed to gain the attention of many investors.

Chances are, you might not have heard about this cryptocurrency or the platform which it is building. Revain is trying to build a review platform on the blockchain technology. The platform is gaining more traction but up until now, it has not experienced such a surge in the last few months. Moreover, due to the fact that the cryptocurrency markets are finally recovering, the prominence on outperforming cryptocurrencies is even on the higher side. It remains to be seen how much traction, the review platform gets. However according to the company it is much more credible as compared to the other review platforms.

Since it will be based on the blockchain technology, the reviews will be entirely legit on the platform. Also, the token itself is listed on over to different exchanges according to the official website. This ensures that not only the traction of the platform is improving but the token is available on multiple exchanges as well.

One of the main unique features of this review platform is that once the review is posted, it cannot be changed or deleted. Thus, modification or manipulation of the reviews is not possible. That is why; it holds such a lot of credibility. With the help of authentic feedback, prospective buyers will be able to find more about the cryptocurrencies as well as the reviews of the entities before going ahead with the transaction.

It remains to be seen whether this is a one-off rally or whether this cryptocurrency surges even more. Only time will tell whether the rally is sustainable or not. Over the past few days, it has been consistently doing volumes of around $ 1.8 million. Thus, it seems like it is not a one-day thing for sure.

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