Cryptocurrency News – What is currently lacking for Tron (TRX)?

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The year 2018 was pretty good for Tron (TRX). It launched its main net during that year. It also crossed the user base mark of 1 million users. That is why it grew by leaps and bounds in the year 2018. The price movement, however, was constricted due to the market conditions. That investors of Tron (TRX) still believe that it is not living up to its potential. That is why they will try to figure out what is currently lacking for Tron (TRX).

What is currently lacking for Tron (TRX)?

When you look at the various announcements which Tron (TRX) made in the year 2018, you will realize that most of them are focused on multiple bits of the network. It also tried to gain more users for the decentralized applications on its blockchain. Moreover, it announced the acquisition of BitTorrent. Moving to the end of the year 2018, it also announced that it would be launching a separate token for BitTorrent. The tokens will be known as BTT.

When you look at all of these announcements, you will realize that Tron (TRX) is undoubtedly moving forward as a blockchain. The only bit of problem which it is currently facing is that it hasn’t achieved that status of a proper ecosystem. The vision of Tron is to create a decentralized Internet. If it just manages to launch individual pieces of the ecosystem without connecting them, it will not have much of an advantage. It needs to link all of these announcements and products together. Only when that happens, the value of Tron (TRX) will increase significantly.

It also needs to expand its user base even more. It needs to tie up with various companies to boost the usage of the blockchain. When that happens, the credibility of Tron (TRX) will undoubtedly increase. With higher reliability, it will be easier for Tron (TRX) to attract more users.

At the same point in time, it needs to ensure that the efficiency of the blockchain does not decrease. It is currently launching BTT. If it launches BTT on the same network, there are chances that the network might slow down. The slowdown of the network will reduce the efficiency of the network. When that happens, it will be difficult for Tron (TRX) to attract the same number of users and developers.

The main thing which is lacking for Tron (TRX) currently is the presence of a proper ecosystem. It has caught most of the pieces of the puzzle. It now just needs to link them together to create an appropriate ecosystem.

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