Electroneum (ETN) News – 4 Things Nobody Has Told You About Electroneum Listing

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Electroneum (ETN) has been consistently improving its fundamentals. In the past year, it has even launched a smartphone to help users mine cryptocurrency. The limelight time and again is focusing on Electroneum (ETN) which is accompanied by the surging price of the token. It indicates that with every fundamental development, investors are rushing in to buy Electroneum (ETN). Recently, it got listed on Huobi cryptocurrency exchange. While you might have also heard the news but there are a few facts which you need to know about this listing. We will highlight those facts today.

4 Things Nobody Has Told You About Electroneum Listing:

Four relatively unknown things which you should know about this listing.

1. Largest cryptocurrency exchange for Electroneum (ETN):

When you look at the cryptocurrency exchanges on which Electroneum (ETN) is listed, Huobi is undoubtedly the largest cryptocurrency exchange. It indicates that the volumes for Electroneum (ETN) might be on the higher side as well.

2. Electroneum (ETN) team working towards enhancing liquidity:

One of the main problems with the new listing is that if there is not enough liquidity on the platform, sooner than later the interest wanes out. The Electroneum (ETN) team is trying to avoid this problem. Recently, it posted a video message which requested the Electroneum (ETN) users to sign up on Huobi to open accounts. The aim behind this move was to increase the liquidity for Electroneum (ETN) on the way up the platform. With enhanced liquidity, Electroneum (ETN) will flourish consistently on Huobi.

3. The chance to win 5.7 million ETN:

The team of Electroneum (ETN) knows that this is a big event for them. Hence, to make it even better, it is holding a competition. The competition provides the opportunity to win 5.7 billion ETN. The criteria for this is to participate in the ETN trade from 14th of March to the 24th of March. The winnings will get distributed among the participants according to the trading volumes. It clearly indicates that the ETN team is leaving no stone unturned to increase the volume of the token on the Huobi cryptocurrency platform. If it succeeds, it sure will be able to make this listing a blockbuster success.

4. Surging volumes:

The announcement and the videos were made public on 14 March. The volumes on 13th of March were around $ 195,000. Ever since the launch of the exchange, the volumes have surged to over $ 700,000. It clearly indicates that extra liquidity has been generated on the Huobi cryptocurrency platform. In the same period, Electroneum (ETN) has moved up by 10%. It seems like the users are reaping the rich dividends of such a significant listing.

So, if you’re excited about this Electroneum (ETN) listing, you should definitely keep these four factors in mind. In the long term, it is very positive for Electroneum (ETN).

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