Electroneum (ETN) News – Can Electroneum (ETN) be one of the best cryptocurrency for 2019?

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The end of the year is fast approaching. Many people are looking for the best cryptocurrency for 2019. We are consistently exploring newer and newer opportunities for 2019. While the mainstream cryptocurrencies are on the radar of most of the investors but the smaller ones are easily ignored. We are today exploring the possibility of Electroneum (ETN) rising exponentially in the year 2019.

Can Electroneum (ETN) be one of the best cryptocurrency for 2019?

In this year, prior to the correction in the last couple of months, Electroneum (ETN) had performed brilliantly. It outperformed most of the mainstream cryptocurrencies. However, it has given up all of those gains in the past couple of months. That is why; it is more or less trading in red after rising significantly in impulses.

Electroneum (ETN) is a UK-based digital asset. It is trying to provide a medium for unbanked people to store value. It is focusing on 3 different ways in which it can create value for its investors. We will highlight them below.

• Banking services for the unbanked:

Electroneum (ETN) believes that even the people who do not have access to the formal banking systems have at least a smartphone. That is why; with the help of their smartphone they can easily invest in the cryptocurrency in order to store their wealth. This will protect them against any kind of financial upheavals as well. That is why; it is trying to tap into this audience.

• A proper payment system:

The niche of payment systems is pretty competitive. However, Electroneum (ETN) is trying to cater to this market as well. Thus, it can gain some traction in this niche as well.

The developers are also trying to provide proper scalability to the Electroneum (ETN) blockchain. If indeed, proper scalability is provided, it can rise by a significant amount from these levels. The current market cap is just around $ 66 million. That is why the potential is huge.

• KYC complaint:

As cryptocurrencies become more and more bigger, they attract the attention of authorities. That is why, the more popular the cryptocurrency, the more problems there will be for it. However, Electroneum (ETN) is one of the very few cryptocurrencies which is actually KYC complaint. This was one of the main reasons why it rose significantly a couple of months back or so. With the help of KYC, scams, as well as frauds, can be significantly reduced in Electroneum (ETN). This will mean that Electroneum (ETN) is used for legit purposes only.

At the same point in time, there is a risk as well. It is a relatively smaller cryptocurrency. That is why; it can just wither away as well. You have to look at the fundamental developments in Electroneum (ETN) before taking the investing call. While it might outperform some of the other cryptocurrencies but it being the biggest outperformer of 2019 is a bit difficult. You have to take the fundamentals into account before making any investment decision.

However, you surely cannot run the risk of not even keeping it on your radar as it can be one of the performers for 2019.

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