Iota (MIOTA) News – Can partnerships directly benefit Iota (MIOTA)?

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If you’re an investor of iota (MIOTA), you might be surprised by the consistent stream of new partnerships which the cryptocurrency and the management is forging. The problem is that very few of them have actually yielded any traction in the cryptocurrency. In spite of that, the developers are consistently forging newer partnerships. The question which remains is whether iota (MIOTA) will benefit from these partnerships or not. If it does not benefit monetarily from these partnerships, the investors might be disappointed for a long time. We will today tackle this question and also help you understand why the developers are trying to forge as many partnerships as they can.

Can partnerships directly benefit Iota (MIOTA)?

Iota (MIOTA) is different than other blockchains and cryptocurrencies. It is trying to create a data blockchain with the help of IoT. IoT is growing exponentially. These days, most of the modern homes have various sensors and devices which can help you automate your home. They also generate a significant amount of information. If iota (MIOTA) can provide them with the monetization platform, the developers of such devices will choose it over other platforms. It is one of the reasons why iota (MIOTA) is on a spree to forge such partnerships.

Increasing Visibility:

Another advantage of iota (MIOTA) consistently forging such partnerships is that its visibility is increasing. As visibility increases, it will become the by-default choice for most of the developers and the manufacturers of such devices. Once it becomes large enough, it can easily garner a significant market share and the big data in the IoT space. It is one of the primary reasons why such partnerships are being forged at a rapid pace.

The higher the number of partnerships, the higher will be the credibility for iota (MIOTA). That is why; it can easily tie-up with the Giants in this space to start gathering data. Only once it can collect a significant amount of data, it can monetize it, and the advertisers will be interested in the data. In the current form, the data is too little and decentralized for the advertisers to have any interest in it. Hence; it needs to forge the partnerships at the same pace if it wants to become a prominent player in this space.

Better Integration:

Once it can get a larger market share, the integration of various devices with its blockchain will also increase. Currently, it is trying to make its blockchain not only secure but highly versatile so that every type of IoT device can work with it. With the help of easy integration, it can gain a significant amount of market share in the future. The advertisers looking to buy this information will need bulk of it. It can only happen when it can integrate a wide variety of devices. With these partnerships, the number of tools and gadgets being integrated will go up significantly.

No Instant Gratification:

While the investors of iota (MIOTA) might be looking at instant gratification, the developers are certainly not. They are trying to create a proper ecosystem. The problem in creating eco-system is that it can take a long time and therefore the investors will have to wait it out. Only the patient investors will be able to make money in iota (MIOTA).

So, while the recent partnerships of iota (MIOTA) might not bring much to the table for the investors in the short term but in the longer term, they will definitely help the blockchain and the cryptocurrency.

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