IOTA (MIOTA) News – How can Iota (MIOTA) contribute to the transport sector?

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IOTA (MIOTA) is tying up with companies across various industries. It is trying to build an ecosystem which will connect multiple iot devices to its blockchain. Due to this very reason, recently, it also allied with the transportation department. Before we go into the details of that alliance, let us first understand how it can benefit the transportation sector.

How can Iota (MIOTA) contribute to the transport sector?

Iota (MIOTA) can contribute to the transport sector in more ways than one. We will highlight some of these ways.

Fleet Management:

With the help of iota (MIOTA), intelligent fleet management is possible. It means that the transportation companies will be able to manage their vehicles and resources in a much better way. Currently, the transport sector is plagued by inefficiencies. Iota (MIOTA) can easily help combat that.

Real-time tracking:

With the help of iota blockchain, real-time monitoring of the fleet is also possible. Real-time tracking will help consumers know when the transport vehicle will arrive. It will induce more predictability into the entire system.

Optimal utilization:

With the help of proper tracking, optimal use of resources can also take place. It will reduce the capital requirement for the transport sector.


Geo-fencing will bring in more security to the transport sector. It will alert the control group or centralized authority, in case the driver deviates from the standard path. It will make the transport system much more secure.

As you can see, there are multiple ways in which iota (MIOTA) can contribute to the transport sector. That is why it is forging alliances in the same industry.

Recent partnership:

The most recent partnerships for iota (MIOTA) is with the transportation department in Austin. When you monitor the current status of the transportation department, you will realize that there are various problems like underutilization and inefficiencies. With the help of IoT and blockchain, the above few advantages can be offered to the transportation department of Austin. It clearly indicates that the transportation department of Austin can benefit in more ways than one with the help of this partnership.

As visible in the chart above, ever since this announcement was made, iota (MIOTA) has rallied by approximately 30%. In the last 24 hours as well, it is up by 4.39%. Currently, it is trading around $ 0.382 in the market cap is about $ 1 billion. When the news first came out, the market cap was in the range of $ 850 million. It clearly indicates that it has risen by a significant amount by then. With government departments also realizing the importance of the blockchain, iota (MIOTA) can gain even more in the future.

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