Iota (MIOTA) News – Iota forging new alliances at a rapid pace

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Iota (MIOTA) can quickly become the de facto platform for IoT devices. In order to do so, it has to enable more and more companies to connect the devices with their blockchain. One of the best ways is to forge as many alliances and tieups as possible.

Some Other Iota Partnerships


Iota (MIOTA) seems to be doing precisely that. If you have been following the news surrounding iota (MIOTA) in the past few weeks, you will realize that the news of alliances is coming out at a rapid pace.We will today highlight some of these alliances to help you understand how fast it is actually moving.


Iota forging new alliances at a rapid pace:

In the past few weeks, there have been three alliances by Iota (MIOTA). The best part about these alliances is that they are all across different industries. It means that iota (MIOTA) is leaving no stone unturned to expand into different verticals. Once it can do so, it will be easy for iota (MIOTA) to attract more and more devices to its blockchain. Without further ado, we will now highlight the three tieups by iota in the past couple of weeks.

Transportation Department:

One of the greatest tieups for iota (MIOTA) was with the Transportation Department of Austin. This tie-up aimed to help them efficiently manage their inventory. They want to make the transportation network in Austin even better to eliminate the inefficiencies. With the help of its blockchain, it can quickly help the Transportation Department with geo fencing, real-time tracking of services, and even proper fleet management. That is why it is the perfect solution for the Transportation Department of Austin.

Luxury manufacturer – DLT:

They have also tied up with the luxury goods manufacturer by the name of DLT. It means that apart from the government departments, it is also forging new alliances with private stakeholders. The luxury manufacturing company will use the blockchain by Iota (MIOTA) for the proper supply chain management. Once the mattle of iota (MIOTA) blockchain is proved
in supply chain management, there will be many more companies which will be looking to use its blockchain for the same purpose.

Building Smart Cities:

The most recent news surrounding iota (MIOTA) is that it is the sponsor at the Smart Cities Summit in Texas. It clearly indicates that it is interested in building Smart cities along with various other property developers and real estate companies. The blockchain of iota (MIOTA) is perfect for this requirement. With the help of IoT devices connected to the blockchain, it can indeed help developers develop Smart cities.

As you can see, in the past couple of weeks, the news revolving iota (MIOTA) has been around alliances and partnerships in 3 different fields. It clearly indicates that iota (MIOTA) does not want to limit itself to a single field. It is forging new alliances at a rapid pace, which will help it gain more momentum and also increase the applications of its blockchain. Keeping all these factors in mind, it does seem like very shortly iota (MIOTA) might be able to outperform its peers. As the use of the blockchain increases, it will undoubtedly gain more momemtum.

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