Iota (MIOTA) News – Iota (MIOTA) steps into the energy sector

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Iota (MIOTA) is expanding its reach with the various partnerships. The advantage of Iota (MIOTA) is that it is building a blockchain-based platform which will allow companies to buy data directly from the consumers. This data will be harvested from a wide variety of sensors as well as devices which are connected using the Internet of things protocol. That is why the market for such data is pretty huge. Recently, it made a partnership which allowed it to step into the energy sector.

Iota (MIOTA) steps into the energy sector:

The tie-up was with Energient. Energient is a transmission company in Denmark. It plans to use the Iota (MIOTA) technology to distribute green energy include Denmark. With the help of this memorandum of understanding, the distribution of green energy will be more efficient. Proper tracking will always be on offer. In such a case, it will become effortless for the distributor to use the tangle technology to transmit clean energy efficiently.

At the same point in time, the entire network will be scalable which will mean that the distributor can use it on a national scale without any problem at all. According to Energient, there is plenty of potential in IoT. It is actually the future. With the help of IoT, there will be negligible inefficiencies if the energy sector. Moreover, the tangle technology of iota (MIOTA)  increases the energy efficiency manifold.
Moreover, since it allows the tracking of each and every device and each and every consumer, the power distribution can be made more efficient. There will be a reduction in the losses in the power distribution network. Moreover, with proper tracking, it will be easier for the distributor to predict the amount of power which will be needed as well.

According to Energient, when proper tracking of power will take place with the help of tangle technology, each and every device on the network can be easily tracked. Moreover, the amount of energy which it will need in the future can be easily monitored as well. Energient also believes that it will help the creation of smart cities, autonomous vehicles as well as self-reliant and drones. The plans which Energient has for the creation of a smart grid will acquire something like tangle technology which is offered by iota (MIOTA). Since it is open source technology, development is also made possible.

With this tie-up, iota (MIOTA) steps into the energy field. If this experiment is indeed successful, it will be a role model for the other power distribution companies as well. When that happens, it will be easier for iota (MIOTA) to gain more traction as well. As a result, iota (MIOTA) can offer its blockchain to other power distributors as well. When that finally happens, the number of tieups which it can gain from a wide variety of different companies will increase significantly. It will not just benefit the blockchain industry but also iota (MIOTA) investors.

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