IOTA (MIOTA) News – When will the benefits of Tangle kick-in for Iota (MIOTA)?

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Great things are expected from iota (MIOTA). However, the problem is the same doesn’t reflect in the price. Investors have been waiting for far too long. The current bear phase is not helping either. When you look at the number of partnerships, they are consistently going up. It is expected that these partnerships will undoubtedly help iota (MIOTA). The tangle algorithm was a significant step forward as well. The tangle algorithm is in construction as well. However, it does not seem like it is making any impact positively on the price.

When will the benefits of tangle kick-in for Iota (MIOTA)?

Before we look into the development of tangle and opportunities which it brings in for iota (MIOTA) investors, let us look at the performance of the same viz Bitcoin (BTC).

Bitcoin (BTC) in recent times has rallied a lot. In 3 months, Bitcoin has gone from $ 3461-$ 5760 currently. In a matter of 3 months, it has risen by 33%. On the other hand, iota (MIOTA) rose from $ .25 to $ .29. It indicates that it is not even up by 20%. It is underperforming Bitcoin (BTC) by a significant amount.

Role of tangle algorithm:

Iota (MIOTA) is trying to become a scalable platform for decentralized transactions. It is enabling smaller data transactions on its blockchain. It is collecting data from devices on the blockchain. It is trying to create an ecosystem where it becomes easier for anyone to connect the IOT device to its a tangle algorithm. With such a large-scale collection of data and consistent tieups with numerous stakeholders across the entire spectrum, by now iota (MIOTA) should have been able to gain an advantage of the vast amount of data.

The problem is at least in terms of pricing; the same is not happening. The truth is, only when the scale of data integration and collection on iota (MIOTA) increases significantly, it will be able to gain several transactions from various stakeholders. Up until then, the smaller segments of data are too small for the advertisers and manufacturers to show any interest. That is one of the main problems for iota (MIOTA) currently. While the tangle algorithm is scalable and everything seems to be in place, but the speed of traction is missing. It is indeed positive, but the inflection point hasn’t reached yet. Only when a vast amount of data integrates into the blockchain iota (MIOTA) Price will start outperforming the other cryptocurrencies.

If you’re an investor waiting for the same, you might have to wait for quite some time to see the results. It is fundamentally strong but the gestation period might be on the longer side.

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