IOTA News – Iota (MIOTA) takes a step further to develop smart cities

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Iota (MIOTA) is amidst the emerging trend. Authorities all over the globe want to create smart cities which will be beneficial for the citizens and ensure efficient utilization of resources. Since Iota (MIOTA) already has the necessary infrastructure in terms of blockchain to support such a transformation, it is rapidly tying up with various companies and organizations all over the world. In recent news as well, it has tied up with one such form to develop smart cities.

Iota (MIOTA) takes a step further to develop smart cities:

Iota (MIOTA) has recently tied up with The tie-up pertains to organizing a hackathon. This event will aim to get adequate talent to develop smart cities using iota (MIOTA) protocol. It seems like iota (MIOTA) is attempting to recruit large-scale talent so that it can go a step further and start developing smart solutions for various companies and governments all over the world.

The Hackathon will aim to develop the smart city concepts using tangle algorithm of iota (MIOTA). The participants will be encouraged to provide solutions for real-world problems. In turn, these solutions can get integrated with iota (MIOTA) in the future. With such large-scale recruitment in the works, it seems like iota (MIOTA) is trying to exploit the trend of smart cities fully.

What constitutes smart cities?

People are still not familiar with what exactly is a smart city. Smart cities utilize proper connectivity to ensure that the services and utilities reach the citizens without any interruption. Moreover, it also advocates the use of renewable energy and sustainable resources so that the carbon footprint of the cities gets significantly reduced.

All over the world, there are many different smart cities already in progress. One of the main essentials to convert any city into a smart city is to provide complete connectivity. Every device and even smaller sensors are connected in the network so that the authorities, as well as the utility companies, can predict the demand for the resources in the future. It will ensure that proper utilities and resources are made available to the citizens irrespective of the increasing demand.

Iota (MIOTA) is the perfect blockchain for it as it facilitates connection of such devices and also trading of the data. The companies and corporates serving these customers can predict the demand better using this data. With the help of that blockchain, easy connectivity between smart buildings, smart energy credits and even smarter automobiles is possible.

With the help of this tie-up, iota (MIOTA) is not only planning to recruit talent but also get newer ideas for smart city development. It seems like; it is going a step further in its goal to create a Smart Ecosystem using its blockchain.

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