Odyssey coin (OCN) News – Odyssey coin (OCN) surges by 162% in just 7 days; up by almost 24% today

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Most of the investors only pay attention to the mainstream cryptocurrencies when it comes to investing as well as tracking the performance of the cryptocurrencies. This, however, does not mean that there is no traction in the Altcoins. There are quite a few Altcoins which have been surging in the broad-based cryptocurrency recovery as well. One such is the coin is Odyssey coin (OCN). It has surged by 162% in just 7 days. It has surged by 24% today. We look into more details in this article.

Odyssey coin (OCN) surges by 162% in just 7 days; up by almost 24% today:

A week earlier, Odyssey coin (OCN) was trading around $ 0.0053. The market cap then of Odyssey coin (OCN) was around $ 25.64 million. In a matter of just 7 days, the price of Odyssey coin (OCN) has increased to $ 0.01389. The current market cap of Odyssey coin (OCN) is around $ 65.99 million. This clearly indicates that it has experienced a surge of almost 162% in just 7 days. It is up by 24% in the last 24 hours as well. This clearly indicates that there is a reason for this momentum.

Reason for the surge of 162% in Odyssey coin (OCN) in just 7 days:

On September 11, Odyssey coin (OCN) announced a buyback program. Due to this buyback program, it has been surging in recent times as well. There are very few Altcoins as well as cryptocurrencies will have announced a buyback program. That is why it is a very significant trigger for the price of this Altcoin.

The best thing about the buyback of Odyssey coin (OCN) is that in addition to the buyback, there are airdrops which are announced as well. The OCP airdrops will happen to the Odyssey coin (OCN) holders.

Thus, the value which will be created for the normal Odyssey coin (OCN) holders will be immense. Not only, they are able to gain from the increase in the price of Odyssey coin (OCN) but also from the airdrops as well. As a result, the value creation for the Odyssey coin (OCN) holders is pretty significant as well. This is because Odyssey coin (OCN) has surged by more than 162% in just 7 days. It has outperformed most of the other cryptocurrencies as well as Altcoins. It remains to be seen whether the momentum is sustained or whether the momentum gets stalled now that it has increased by such a significant amount.

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