Ripple (XRP) News – How is ripple (XRP) attempting to increase the XRP adoption?

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Ripple (XRP), is attempting to increase the usage of the Xrapid protocol which it launched recently. Moreover, it is trying to integrate its various solutions with the RippleNet technology as well. The sole aim behind all of this is to actually use the protocols in order to increase the adoption of the XRP token. Up until now, even though the blockchain usage of RippleNet has increased significantly but the XRP adoption has not increased. This is the reason why the XRP token has still not surged significantly.

The question which remains is how can ripple (XRP) increase the adoption of the XRP tokens?

How can ripple (XRP) increase the adoption of the XRP token?

The main way in which the ripple company is trying to increase the XRP adoption is by launching xRapid. While using the various features of the xRapid protocol, most of the companies will be required to use the XRP token. There will be a definite incentive for using the XRP token as compared to the Fiat currency when it comes to xRapid. This will automatically ensure that the adoption of XRP token also increases. If that happens on the institutional scale, the demand for the XRP token will increase significantly.

When the demand for the XRP token increases significantly, the price will increase as well. Up until now, RippleNet is already used by many of the financial institutions as well as banks. That is why the problem is not the blockchain uses but the XRP token usage. Once that is fixed, it will become much easier for the XRP token to increase in price as well.

At the same point in time, Ripple (XRP) still has a control 60% of the overall XRP token supply. From the entire number of XRP tokens which they have, at least 91% is present in escrow. That is why the market cannot be flooded with the XRP tokens as well. This is another reason why whenever the usage of the XRP token increases, the price of the XRP token will increase as well.

This year, by launching xRapid protocol faster than anticipated, Ripple (XRP) is trying each and everything in its power in order to increase the adoption of the XRP token. This will also help them in consolidating their place in terms of cross-border payments as well as liquidity management solutions as well. This, in turn, will help many of the bank’s as well as financial institutions.

It seems like ripple (XRP) has finally recognized the weakest link in its chain. It is doing each and everything which it can in order to strengthen it. Once the adoption of the XRP token increases, automatically the price of the XRP token will increase and ripple will be able to capture a larger portion of the cross-border payments market as well.

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