Ripple (XRP) News – What will be the next trigger for Ripple (XRP)?

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It was widely anticipated that the launch of xRapid will provide another trigger to ripple. However, the opposite has come true. When there were rumours that xRapid might be launched soon, Ripple (XRP) rose almost threefold. On the other hand, after the early launch of xRapid, it has been consistently moving down as well. That is why investors are not trying to figure out what will be the next trigger for ripple (XRP).

What will be the next trigger for ripple (XRP)?

With the launch of xRapid already out of the way, it seems like the ripple (XRP) traders, as well as investors, are already looking for the next trigger as well. In many of the cases, it has been found that whenever there is new news about ripple (XRP) it rises significantly. However, after the news has been confirmed or the product has been launched, there is not much momentum as well.

One thing which is for sure is that when it comes to ripple (XRP), you have to think about trading the rumors rather than trading the news. There is another product which is doing the rounds when it comes to ripple. It goes by the name of XPring. The advantage of XPring is that it converts XRP tokens into a form which can be directly used by the users. They can be used for initiating payments or for tipping or for various other purposes. There are already quite a few start-ups which are using XPring in order to help the investors, as well as traders, use XRP tokens.

A prime example of such a start-up is Coil. Coil is helping users transact with the help of XRP tokens. As a result, the traders, as well as investors who hold the XRP tokens, are able to use it for transactions rather than just as an investment. This is one of the main advantage of this particular start-up. Similarly, there is another start-up which goes by the name of XRP tip bot. It is allowing the users to use XRP tokens for tipping. That is why the actual applications are increasing.

With the increasing applications and the usage of XPring, the next trigger for XRP tokens will be easily provided. As XPring becomes more and more mainstream, Ripple (XRP) will surely be able to get that trigger which will propel it even higher. The next trigger might very well be XPring itself.

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