Ripple (XRP) News – When will price of Ripple (XRP) reflect its fundamentals?

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The fundamentals of Ripple (XRP) are improving at a faster pace. It is signing up more and more institutions to use its Ripplenet products. It is also launching newer and newer RippleNet products. The only problem is that when you look at the performance of the XRP token, you will realize that it has been underperforming.

When will price of Ripple (XRP) reflect its fundamentals?

Recently, there was a news that Ripple (XRP) now has over 200 customers. In the last one year itself, the number of customers has doubled. Recently, 13 new clients have started using RippleNet payment network. Many of them are well-known names like Ahli Bank of Kuwait, Transpaygo, Olympia trust company among others. It is a clear testament to the fact that RippleNet products are becoming more and more popular among financial institutions and corporates.

The only problem is that when you take into account the price of the XRP token, it is much lower as compared to a year ago levels. In fact, in January 2018, it was trading close to $ 3.52. Currently, it is trading around $ .36. In spite of improving fundamentals due to the market dynamics, Ripple (XRP) has been consistently moving downwards. The investors are trying to figure out what exactly is happening. With such a significant down move, investors are not able to reap the rich dividends of investing in the XRP token in spite of improving fundamentals.

According to the CEO Brad Garlinghouse, the total number of payments on the RippleNet in the last one year has seen a growth of 350%. Again, it is evident that RippleNet products are useful. Various corporates are using them. The only problem is that since the demand for the XRP token is not picking up, the price of the XRP token remains lackluster. At the same point in time, RippleNet products are even threatening established players like SWIFT who also offer cross-border payments. These companies have had a stronghold on these markets for a long time. However, Ripple (XRP) is finally making some inroads in these markets.

It remains to be seen how long before the demand for the XRP token picks up. Only when the market for the XRP token picks up, the investors in ripple (XRP) will be able to reap any dividends from the increasing number of RippleNet products. Up until then, only the usage of RippleNet products will increase and not the price of the XRP token.

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