Ripple (XRP) News – Why is ripple (XRP) lagging once again?

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When you look at the price of Ripple (XRP) today, it is once again at $ .30. It has been languishing around these levels for quite some time. On the other hand, when you check the levels of Bitcoin (BTC), it has moved from $ 3000-$ 5500. Ripple (XRP) on the other hand has been stuck around $ 30 for as long as one can remember. The question is why is ripple (XRP) lagging once again.

Why is Ripple (XRP) lagging once again?

Fundamentally, there is nothing wrong with ripple (XRP). In fact, it is tying up with corporates and banks at a rapid pace. It clearly means that the fundamentals are certainly improving. When you consider the fact that it has fallen from $ 3.52 in the last 18 months to around $.30 currently, it has plenty of headroom to grow as well. You certainly cannot say that it is at an inflated level and that is why the price of Ripple (XRP) is not moving up.

Currently, it is launching xCurrent 4.0. Moreover, in this version of xCurrent, it allows clients to integrate xRapid as well. That is why the efficiency, as well as the speed of the solution, has increased manifold. It is one of the reasons why fundamentally, there are absolutely no problems with ripple (XRP).

Are there any technical problems with ripple (XRP)?

When you look at the technical performance of Ripple (XRP), it has very strong support at around $ .30. It clearly means that there are very few chances that it might break the support. On the upper side, there is strong resistance at around $ .40. Ripple (XRP) for large has been moving in the range of $ .30-$ .35. Currently, as well, it is near the support levels. On a technical basis, it is not able to cross the upper resistance.

Ripple (XRP) is one of the most liquid cryptocurrencies. It is the 3rd most valued cryptocurrency as well. That is why the volumes required for it to cross the resistance is will also be on the higher side. The problem is that such volumes are not being generated. It is one of the primary reasons why it is not able to overcome resistance. Moreover, around three years back Ripple (XRP) was trading at half a cent. Considering the current price of $ .30 as well, it is appreciated by a significant amount. It seems like the consolidation in ripple (XRP) is going on for a long time as compared to the other cryptocurrencies.

Apart from the technical resistances, there is no other problem with ripple (XRP). If you are ripple investor, you have no other option but to wait it out. With the fundamentals improving, it is just a waiting game rather than anything being wrong with ripple (XRP).

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