Ripple (XRP) News – Will the integration of xCurrent with xRapid increase the demand for Ripple (XRP) tokens?

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In the last few days, one of the most prominent fundamental developments in ripple (XRP) has been the launch of the update of xCurrent. The version is 4.0. It will integrate xCurrent with xRapid. As a result, not only the clients will be able to initiate the cross-border payments but they will be able to manage their liquidity better. For some of the clients, the xCurrent version 4.0 has already been unrolled in advance. However, for the rest of the clients, the update has happened pretty recently. The question is whether this integration will actually increase the demand for Ripple (XRP) tokens or not.

Will the integration of xCurrent with xRapid increase the demand for Ripple (XRP) tokens?

If you look at the main purpose of launching xCurrent by ripple (XRP), it was to ensure that more and more people, as well as clients, use the XRP tokens in order to initiate the cross-border payments and to maintain the liquidity. The xRapid system was already in use by the banks as well as the financial institutions. However, most of the banks and the financial institutions actually used the Fiat currency in order to manage the liquidity. They did not use the XRP tokens. That is why, it was anticipated that after the launch of xCurrent, the volume of the XRP tokens used on a daily bases will increase significantly. That, however, has not happened so far.

Many people think that with the relative stability and the fast recovery of XRP tokens, this is bound to happen in the future. However, the question which remains is whether the current integration will actually help the XRP token owners experience any kind of appreciation. While the hope is certainly that but there are a few other features in the newest versions of xCurrent like multihop and bulk FX which can certainly increase the demand for XRP tokens. It remains to be seen how soon, these are integrated by the various clients of Ripple (XRP).

The bulk FX features are specifically designed to conduct Forex transactions in a less period of time as well as by paying lesser fees. It will be interesting to see whether the Forex industry, as well as banks and financial institutions, use this protocol in the latest version of xCurrent in the future or not.

While this might be a long-term positive but in the shorter term, it might not result in increased demand for the ripple (XRP) tokens.

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