Ripple (XRP) – Ripple (XRP) ropes in another partner for RippleNet

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Ripple (XRP) is consistently looking for newer partners to forge a partnership with. Due to this very reason, the number of members which are using it as a RippleNet is constantly increasing as well. Each and every time, a new partner agrees to use RippleNet, the fundamentals of the ripple (XRP) improve even more. However, after numerous such partnerships, the shock factor for a new partnership announcement is certainly subsided.

Ripple (XRP) ropes in another partner for RippleNet:

The latest company to join the list of partners who are using RippleNet is Moneynetint. Moneynetint is based out of UK. It is actually a payment gateway for online merchants. It has agreed to join RippleNet and use the RippleNet in order to initiate cross-border payments.

RippleNet certainly provides a distinct advantage when it comes to cross-border payments. The transactions are confirmed almost instantly. Moreover, the fees of the transactions are also on the lower side. Due to this very reason, RippleNet seems to be the perfect solution for a company like Moneynetint. Moneynetint provides a payment gateway services to not just online merchants in United Kingdom but all over the world as well. This is one of the main reasons why RippleNet is one of the perfect options for it to further its business and reduce the costs as well.

Up until now, numerous companies, as well as financial institutions, have agreed to use the RippleNet. Quite a few of them are using the RippleNet on a regular basis as well. That is why the usage of the ripple blockchain is increasing at a rapid pace as well. This is also increasing the credibility of Ripple (XRP). As a result, Ripple is able to forge newer and newer partnerships with bigger and bigger companies as well.

The underlying technology behind RippleNet is pretty robust. Due to this very reason, RippleNet is able to attract merchants as well as banks and financial institutions to its network. As a result, it announces new partnerships almost each and every week.

With that being said, Ripple is consistently working in order to bolster up the RippleNet as well. Recently as well, it has launched  xRapid in order to help companies and financial institutions to manage liquidity quite easily. XRapid has been designed in such a way that the usage of the XRP token will also increase significantly. When that happens, the demand of the XRP token will increase as well. As a result, it will become easier for the investors to gain from the appreciated prices of XRP tokens.

All in all, with another partnership ripple (XRP), is surely surging ahead of the other blockchains which are providing similar solutions.

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