Stellar lumens (XLM) – 3 reasons why you should keep Stellar lumens (XLM) on your radar

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Most of the cryptocurrencies have had a good run in the past 3 to 4 days. Many of them have been knocking double-digit it gains as well. Stellar lumens (XLM) has been competitively lackluster. It is not able to achieve similarly like ripple (XRP). There is no reason why you should ignore Stellar lumens (XLM). There are some reasons to keep it on your radar.

3 reasons why you should keep Stellar lumens (XLM) on your radar:

Even though Stellar lumens (XLM) might seem like competing with ripple (XRP) but there is quite a bit going on in stellar (XLM). That is why you should not ignore it.

Wider demographic:

Ripple (XRP) is more focused on banks as well as financial institutions. It is trying to target the larger incorporates to use its blockchain to initiate cross-border payments. On the other hand, when you consider Stellar lumens (XLM), you will realize that it is not only targeting incorporates but also the retail users as well. That is why the demographics which it is trying to target are much bigger. It is one of the main advantages of Stellar lumens (XLM).

Additional offerings:

Stellar lumens (XLM) also facilitates ICO’s and decentralized applications. Recently, the developers of Stellar lumens (XLM) are marketing these capabilities of the blockchain. If they can gain users for decentralized applications as well as ICOs, it will become a versatile blockchain. As a result, the emphasis on cross-border payments will reduce. It will help Stellar lumens (XLM) diversify rather than compete directly with the ripple (XRP). In the longer term, this will support it.

Avoiding the legal glare:

Ripple (XRP) is time and again been facing lawsuits. When you look at Stellar lumens (XLM), the foundation seems to be doing everything right legally. It has remained away from the legal glare. As a result, the controversies have been few and far in between. In the absence of disputes, the focus has been more on the fundamentals rather than the lawsuits or any other legal problems which it is facing. The investors are also happy.

Thus, when you look at Stellar lumens (XLM), you will realize that it has a lot going for it. Sure enough, it has not rallied by the same quantum as some of the other cryptocurrencies, but it holds enormous potential. That is why you should keep it on your radar.

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