Stellar lumens (XLM) News – Is Stellar Lumens (XLM) finally playing catch-up?

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Stellar lumens (XLM) and Ripple (XRP) are consistently forging newer and newer partnerships. They are trying to gather companies and corporates which can use their blockchain to initiate and settle payments. It is a race between two of them. Nevertheless, it is evident that Ripple (XRP) has got a head start. However, Stellar lumens (XLM) seems to be playing catch up. Recently as well, a Stellar Lumens (XLM) payment gateway announced a partnership. The question is whether the partnership will change the holistic approach which investors take towards Stellar lumens (XLM).

Is Stellar Lumens (XLM) finally playing catch-up?

For the significant part of 2018, Stellar lumens (XLM) was considered as the poor cousin of Ripple (XRP). Moreover, most of the investors thought that it would not be able to stand against ripple. However, a single tie-up with IBM changed all of that. That, however, was in the year 2018. For XLM to stay in the reckoning, it needs to forge newer and newer partnerships as well. While Stellar lumens (XLM) and its capacity might not have advanced but there is a payment gateway which uses Stellar lumens (XLM) which has recently forged a partnership.

The name of the payment gateway is SathoshiPay. It is a payment gateway which offers Stellar lumens (XLM) payment option as well. It has partnered with Axel Springer. The business model of SatoshiPay revolves around providing direct XLM payments to its users. There is no intermediary in between. That is why it is doing brisk business.
On the other hand, Axel Springer is one of the largest digital content publishers in Europe. The payment solutions provided by SatoshiPay will be integrated directly into its platforms. The aim is to drive the mass adoption of stellar lumens (XLM).

While it might be a small step but the truth is that such partnerships can prove to be beneficial for Stellar lumens (XLM) in the longer term. If not the transactions volumes, it can at least increase the credibility of Stellar lumens (XLM). When that happens, it can provide a formidable challenge to Ripple (XRP). Considering the fact that Ripple (XRP) is far ahead of it currently, it needs many more such partnerships to come into the reckoning. Otherwise, it will never be able to capture a significant hold on the cross-border payments market as well as the digital payments market.

While Stellar lumens (XLM) is playing catch-up but the scale is too small. It needs to do something big pretty soon to stay in the reckoning.

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