Vechain (VET) News – Improving fundamentals of Vechain (VET)

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Vechain (VET) has been hogging the limelight recently. It has been consistently forging newer partnerships and tieups with various companies all over the world. Owing to this very reason, it is coming on the radar of many investors as well as traders. Besides the prize impulses which it is experiencing from time to time, it is also improving its fundamentals on a consistent basis. We will look into the improving fundamentals of Vechain (VET) today.

Improving fundamentals of Vechain (VET):

Vechain (VAT) recently tied up with Morpheus labs. Morpheus labs is working on providing blockchain as a service. If indeed, the blockchain of Vechain (VET) is offered as a service, the usage of the blockchain will increase manifold. When that happens, the popularity of Vechain (VET) will also grow. Morpheus labs is not the only company with whom Vechain (VET) has partnered. There are many other corporate’s as well. Moreover, it is offering it is a smart contract capability through its blockchain to various corporates. The scalability of the blockchain, as well as the possibility of blockchain as a service, means that the popularity of Vechain (VET) is sure to increase in the coming few months.

Moreover, it has also tied up with the largest electric car manufacturer in China. The company goes by the name of BYD. The tie-up aims to launch a carbon credit application. Blockchain technology will be the foundation of the carbon credit application. Needless to say, the successful launch of such an application will significantly increase the credibility of Vechain (VET).

At the same point in time, for just newer and newer partnerships, it is getting more and more limelight by the cryptocurrency investors as well. The number of exchanges on which Vechain (VET) is currently listed is higher than ever. In the year 2019 as well, more and more cryptocurrency exchanges will continue to list Vechain (VET). As the number of exchanges supporting Vechain (VET) increases, the trading volumes will increase as well in the demand of the token will also be higher.

China is not the only country in which Vechain (VET) is forging newer partnerships. Cyprus is one another country which is looking at the Vechain network. That is why the potential for Vechain (VET) across geographies is enormous. It is time that investors start looking at this cryptocurrency on a longer-term basis. However, the impulsive price movements are actually a risk as the cryptocurrency is highly volatile.

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