What does Electroneum iOS app have on offer?

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Cryptocurrency is what most people believe to be the new gold rush of the 21st century. While a lot of these blockchain currencies are emerging worldwide, Electroneum(ETN) seems to stand out from the rest. The currency positions itself as the mobile based cryptocurrency on a mission to improve the lives of people, especially those in the developing world.

For this particular reason, Electroneum released its iOS app a while after the release of the Android app. The iOS app seems to have been worth the wait since it has over 250 views and a 5-star rating after the launch on 1st of February 2019. You may be thinking what the buzz is all about. Let’s find out what Electroneum iOS app has to offer.


The design of the app is very smooth and visually appealing. The only issues with the design are with the scrolling and selection of currencies on the calculator. The experience appears to be a little buggy although it still manages to get it done. There is however a lot more to love about the design, so this app gets a 4/5 stars rating.


Electroneum iOS app has lots of amazing features. It is generally effortless to use and extremely beneficial. The dashboard consists of the options to go to Value, Settings, Miner and Wallet. The wallet allows a user to withdraw and send ETN to and from the app.

The value tab allows you to check the exchange rates of other currencies, check the value of ETN and visiting the exchanges to trade in Electroneum(ETN). You also have a cloud mining option that allows a user to get free ETN. As a result, the app gets a 5/5 score on this aspect.


While it is probably for security reasons, setting up an account could take you a while. It is especially true in the cloud mining option. The app requires you to take a selfie for authentication when setting up the account. While the app loses in its setup convenience, it more than makes up for it in the security feature. A 4/5 on this particular aspect.

How to Get Started:

The app is available on the iPhone app store. To get started you will need to download and install the app. After that, you will have to log in to your account. You can either login with your Facebook account or authentication from the Electroneum website. If you do not have an account, you will have to follow a few straightforward steps to sign up.

Things you should know:

The Electroneum iOS app allows you to earn free ETN through its referral program. These free tokens though not huge could become worth a lot as the value of Electroneum soars much higher. Electroneum is a cryptocurrency that is quickly rising in popularity. With the long-awaited iOS app, iPhone users like those of android will also get to enjoy the endless possibilities that come with owning the darling cryptocurrency Electroneum. So what does the Electroneum(ETN) iOS app offers? An easy to use revolutionary mobile based crypto with low fee payment.

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