[XRP] XRP news-hackers demand $1 million in XRP after stealing bank data

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Hackers have stolen the personal details of 90,000 Canadians. As a ransom for the stolen data, they have demanded $ 1 million to be paid in XRP.

Hackers exploited the banks of Canada in order to gain these details.

Exploiting bank weaknesses:

The hack was revealed after bank of Montréal and Simplii Financial issued a press release. The hack actually happened on the weekend. The personal data of over 90,000 account holders have been stolen.
The information which the hackers accessed included account numbers, names, passwords and even security questions and answers. There were also important document details like social insurance numbers and balance of those accounts. As a confirmation that the hackers indeed had the data, they provided the account details of 2 account holders.

The message came at 11:59 PM on Monday night. According to CBC News, the bank has clearly stated that the bank of Montréal will not pay any money to fraudsters. The other bank has clearly indicated that they are working with cybersecurity experts and law enforcement agencies.

The hackers also highlighted their modus operandi of the hack. They used the normal mathematical algorithm in order to detect the account numbers as well as credit card numbers and even the social insurance numbers.
Thereafter, they used the reset password option. Hereafter, they simply validated the passwords of the users with the help of the security questions. As a result, they were able to access the banking facilities.

Customers worried about the hack:

Many of the customers are actually distressed over the hacking and the leak of personal information. In fact, customer by the name Michael McCarthy stated that the amount of $ 980 has been transferred from his bank account without any kind of authorization. The bank had blocked the transaction but it had not reversed it. As a result, the money is currently out of the account.

It remains to be seen whether the law enforcement agencies are able to catch these hackers or whether the banks will end up paying the ransom in XRP.

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